Even with site security in force, each year there is over $1 billion in equipment and material stolen from construction sites. Surprisingly, many of these sites are manned with armed security guards.

Our view of security as an industry hasn’t changed all that much since Roman times. We still rely heavily on guards to keep our persons and possessions safe, even though there are better and more cost effective options available.
Armed security is a risky business and it’s very expensive to insure. And for all the risk and expense, the fact remains that there are very few situations and locations that warrant armed security guards as an effective deterrent against violence and theft; from a risk and insurance standpoint, it’s difficult to craft an argument for armed security officers. Claims involving discharges of guns are serious and likely to breach insurance policy limits which means when someone is shot by a security officer, the victim or the victim’s estate will very likely sue the business that contracted the officer, with the basis almost always being that unnecessary, excessive force was applied. Furthermore, studies have shown that the presence of an armed security guard may actually increase the risk of violence.

Today, millions of people working in high risk locations around the world such as military bases, correctional facilities, oil refineries, power plants and airports, all depend on perimeter intrusion technology which when implemented and managed correctly, can eliminate the issues associated with confrontational threats all together. And with new technological innovations, the costs for small scale and shorter duration security projects have dropped to more affordable levels and even contributed towards project savings when compared to costs of manned security.

ONTRAXSYS dual sensing technology is the latest in asset protection site security and perimeter breach sensing technology.

The ONTRAXSYS asset protection system, which works by combining optimal system design and layout with newer sensor technology, has been thoughtfully engineered to have a near zero false alarm rate and offers the best in new age site security. Utilizing dual sensing technology in a self-healing, wireless mesh network environment, the system can differentiate between approaching intruders and innocent passerbys. If an individual is standing near a fence section at one of the high risk locations, the sensor will detect body heat using a short-range passive infrared (PIR) sensor and unlike active infrared (IR), PIR is much more challenging to defeat and much less prone to false alarms.

ONTRAXSYS dual activation mode allows for near zero false alarm rates and is the latest in asset protection site security and perimeter breach sensing technology.

System reliability is further enhanced by the use of accelerometers which can detect very subtle disturbances to the fence. By having a dual activation mode, the system can distinguish between humans trying to climb the fence and objects striking the fence, and the alarm will only go off if both sensors modes are activated. Sensor information is passed through the gateway and then to alarm relay modules which can be connected to integrated intrusion detection systems, alarm panels or other independent interfaces or other surveillance devices such as cameras, lights and other theft deterrents.

Installation can be done in a matter of days and the entire system can be powered by a solar skid.

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