Security signs and warning signs are some of the most effective deterrents against crime. Obvious right? Warning signs and security notice signs provide constant reminders that your facility is protected and has a security presence and posture of awareness.

ONTRAXSYS believes that security signs play a vital role in deterring criminal behavior affecting industrial sites.

While security signs WILL NOT prevent an attacker determined on breaching your site perimeter, strategically positioned security signs are useful deterrents against theft and intrusion by amateur criminals, thieves and vandals. Maintaining a secure property is important for a multitude of reasons including general insurance liability. While rare, there have been instances where trespassers have successfully sued for injury. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that an owner post “no trespassing” or “restricted area” signs, letting people know where your boundary lines are. Furthermore, in some states and jurisdictions, trespassing may only be considered such if no trespassing signs have been posted on the property, defining the property boundaries.

Security Signs Play a Vital Role

Enforcing your physical boundaries by posting bilingual security signs and procedures supports loss prevention as well as a safer, more secure environment for both your team and visitors. Posting proper security signs is a constant reminder that your property or facility is being monitored and has surveillance procedures in place to prevent incidents with unidentified visitors or even intruders.

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