• Asset Protection.

    Protecting high value assets by integrating
    people and process with the most advanced surveillance technologies.

    ONTRAXSYS specializes in asset management and asset protection through site security risk management.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance.

    Strategic monitoring assistance technology
    minimizes burdens on video operators.

    ONTRAXSYS asset projection includes security cameras and video surveillance in its security solutions.
  • Infrared Camera Technology.

    Uncompromised surveillance system effectiveness 24/7.

    ONTRAXSYS security and asset protection systems include infrared technology.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

    State of the art perimeter breach sensing technology.

  • Aerial Surveillance Support.

    Extend surveillance boundaries
    with cutting edge drone technology.

    ONTRAXSYS security and asset protection systems employ aerial drone video surveillance.


Accountable Responsible Driven


Standardized Controlled Scalable


Advanced Integrated Remote

ONTRAXSYS and Granite Construction Join Forces.

Combining the most modern asset protection technology with the world’s leading infrastructure provider to develop and deploy NERC CIP-014 physical security solutions.

Ontraxsys Construction Site Security and Asset Protection.

Included as an ONTRAXSYS construction asset management service, ONTRAXSYS provides construction site security and asset protection solutions for new construction sites, and existing industrial and commercial sites, leveraging systems comprised of state of the art security technology that are so effective, they have allowed us to eliminate the need for onsite manned security professionals.

ONTRAXSYS surveillance and asset protection solutions are capable of operating in widely differing environments and are developed for the following:

  • Perimeter and Grid Breach Systems
  • Independent Aerial Monitoring
  • Event-Based Monitoring
  • Audio/Video Monitoring
  • Onsite Surveillance Technicians/Dispatchers
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Asset Protection

The ONTRAXSYS leadership team has years of experience engaging in military surveillance at the highest levels serving as the foundation for the development of complex and effective construction site security and asset protection systems.

The ONTRAXSYS construction site security and asset protection service includes the following delivery steps:

  • Site Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • System Design
  • Project Proposal
  • System Sales
  • System Leasing
  • System Installation
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Alarm Response
  • On-going System Calibration / Testing
  • System Maintenance

Contact ONTRAXSYS today for more details on the latest in construction site security and asset protection technology and how our asset protection solutions can save money when compared to traditional asset protection and site security systems.

Asset protection implementation… Always too much yet still never enough.

– Kelly Stephen Ernce