Capital project material management is one of the most underutilized and underappreciated strategic value drivers in the construction industry today. During lean times, material management can provide budget support in a number of ways. Considering that a typical project BOM may account for the 70% of the overall project expense, material management can not only help companies obtain materials at the lowest possible cost but also maximize the construction material work effort from cradle to grave.

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Today, ONTRASYS is excited to announce a strategic coalition with Granite Construction Kenny Power Division (NYSE: GVA) and the formation of the Physical Security Coalition (PSC). Based in Watsonville, California, Granite Construction is a member of the S&P 400 Index and is one of the world’s largest infrastructure providers. Granite Construction is a heavy civil […]

Implementing a new standard will always pose some level of operational tumult, and CIP-014 will be no exception. Here at ONTRAXSYS we believe that the greatest challenge with CIP-014 is the broad scope that requires expertise outside of the realm of even most experienced transmission operator’s normal scope of responsibilities. Additionally, retrofitting multiple substations to […]

Security signs and warning signs are some of the most effective deterrents against crime. Obvious right? Warning signs and security notice signs provide constant reminders that your facility is protected and has a security presence and posture of awareness.

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Even with site security in force, each year there is over $1 billion in equipment and material stolen from construction sites. Surprisingly, many of these sites are manned with armed security guards.
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All of us here at ONTRAXSYS, firmly believe that workforce education and development systems should be a critical part of any organization’s operational core. Within our own organization, training is deeply ingrained into our DNA. We attribute this to the fact that most of our team started their careers in the military which through its […]

sys·tem noun     |     sys·tem     |     \ˈsis-təm \ a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

Materials used on mega construction projects account for as much as seventy percent of total project costs. With so much at stake, more focus should be placed on supply chain staffing; address how material is purchased and how that material is handled on the job site. Companies are able to meet short-term supply chain staffing […]