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Definition of para-
From Ancient Greek παρά (beside : alongside of : beyond : next to, near, from : against, contrary to)

Para-Purchasing Professionals is a term that we’ve coined to describe our multi-disciplined supply chain experts, well versed in all aspects of procurement. They bring extensive industry, category, contract management and operational experience to every project.

Ontraxsys Capital Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions.

Capital projects differ from routine operational purchases and require different procurement skill sets. Capital projects have three objectives:

  • Complete project safely
  • Complete project on time
  • Complete project under budget

Our adaptive approach considers project goals while focusing on safety, cost, schedule and compliance, aggregating total spend and scale across various projects to the extent possible.

The benefits of efficient procurement in capital projects goes beyond budget performance and includes supplier surveillance for the management of material lead times on the critical path, and mitigation of contractual and performance risks, while focusing on close team involvement, ultimately delivering overall value to the project team.

Our team of procurement experts have decades of experience and proven know-how, applying practical approaches for delivering immediate results. Ways our team can help drive effective turn-key purchasing performance without adding permanent headcount are as follows but not limited to:

  • Rapid Sourcing – Aggressive project timelines create tension between speed and value, so we use a rapid sourcing process1 that strategically selects the relevant steps of the traditional “seven step strategic sourcing methodology” to increase speed-to-value for capital projects. The primary differentiator with rapid sourcing is the flexibility used during the sourcing initiative.
  • Project Procurement – Using our experience and partnering with contractors and suppliers we are able to identify and manage supply-related risks early in procurement process avoiding potential cost and schedule risks.
  • Contract Management & Administration – We advocate early involvement in the contracting process to help assess the various contracting options while assisting with supplier selection. We also actively manage the all final agreements to ensure supplier/contractors are adhering to all contract terms, minimizing cost and contractual risks.
  • Material Expediting & Tracking – Our expeditors track all open orders To ensure material delivery meets contract and project critical path dates. Additional services include receipt of materials, kitting, staging, tagging, and generating reports on material availability for project management.
  • Document Controls – We ensure project documentation is collected and stored in accordance with the governing business practice, contractual requirements, and regulatory rules. Additional benefits include documentation that is controlled and securely filed for internal and external compliance and reporting and provide a complete auditable history trail.
  • Material Management – Ontraxsys can develop a material management program to specifically meet the needs of the project requirements. Aspects of our material management program include safely and securely managing laydown and material staging areas, track material deliveries, stage and sequence material for quick deployment, track inventory levels and communicate with suppliers to confirm delivery dates and methods of logistics, and develop and provide various reports to the project team.

The benefits of improved procurement in capital projects go beyond budget performance and include improved lead times of material on the critical path, lower risks, and improved safety performance through the enhanced relationships with key business partners.

1.  Rapid sourcing methodology that employs a more pragmatic approach to this step in the sourcing initiative.

Project savings average 8% to 12%, and often more than 20%.