• Capital Project Management and Procurement Solutions.

    The keystone of successful capital projects.

  • Material Management.

    Adding value; the right material in the right place at the right time and in the right quantity.

  • Asset Management.

    Proactively monitoring the performance of systems and equipment.

  • Capital Project Management and Procurement Solutions.

    The keystone of successful capital projects.



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ONTRAXSYS is proud to be a SAM (System for Award Management) approved US Government vendor.

ONTRAXSYS is a SAM Approved U.S. Government Vendor.

SAM is the official U.S. Government system that combines all Central Contractor Registry (CCR), Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), and Online Representations and Certification Application (ORCA) federal procurement capabilities into a single system.

The Ontraxsys Difference.

ONTRAXSYS is a supply chain management company focused on capital procurement. We have expert resources supporting the following activities:

  • Rapid Sourcing
  • Project Procurement
  • Contract Management & Administration
  • Material Expediting & Tracking
  • Document Controls
  • Material Management

Definition of para-
From Ancient Greek παρά (beside : alongside of : beyond : next to, near, from : against, contrary to)

Para-Purchasing Professionals is a term that we’ve coined to describe our multi-disciplined supply chain experts, well versed in all aspects of procurement. They bring extensive industry, category, contract management and operational experience to every project.

We offer a practical approach to capital procurement that delivers cost reduction on complex projects by identifying value levers which balance cost, quality and schedule. By using data driven insights, we can deliver significant cost savings through better pricing and terms. Our accelerated sourcing process can achieve similar results to traditional Strategic Sourcing which tends to be too slow for time sensitive capital projects.

Our approach successfully reduces spend without introducing operational or safety risk to a project.

Advantages of the ONTRAXSYS approach:

  • A smaller more highly trained team is less costly and more efficient than a larger inexperienced team. We’re able to hit the ground running and seamlessly move between the various purchasing roles as the project evolves.
  • Handoffs between procurement functions can result in missed details and can be disastrous to a project. The concept of having “one throat to choke” is critical on a team that has no time for finger pointing
  • The collective knowledge that we have amassed is continuously transferred to our clients throughout the project. We actively coach your team to ensure gains are sustainable for the long term
  • We work with our clients to help reduce costs, to strengthen their supplier base and to create a world-class project procurement organization

Material Management

Material management is often an after thought yet the importance of efficient and effective construction material management cannot be overstated. Material used on jobs accounts for nearly 60% to 70% of the of the total cost of the project and scheduling delays in construction caused by late or lost material adversely affect 30% of all projects. Our material managers specialize in utility and heavy construction projects. We leverage process and technology to improve productivity and lower overall project costs. Material management technology can help track, manage and control material in highly dynamic environments resulting in increased productivity due to efficient material management and reduction of lost project inventory.

Ontraxsys is certified as a Department of Veterans Affairs Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

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