Construction Supply Chain Staffing Augmentation

Highly Skilled Supply Chain Teams: Worth Their Weight In Gold

Materials used on mega construction projects account for as much as seventy percent of total project costs. With so much at stake, more focus should be placed on supply chain staffing; address how material is purchased and how that material is handled on the job site. Companies are able to meet short-term supply chain staffing needs more efficiently and more effectively with ONTRAXSYS services.

For most companies, large, complex construction projects are infrequent events that require additional human resources with specific focus and skill sets not typically available with full time purchasing staff members. Contracting with a specialized supply chain staffing firm such as ONTRAXSYS can provide experienced short-term and long-term highly skilled supply chain and material management personnel. ONTRAXSYS is the only Veteran Affairs certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) in the country that specializes in providing material management and supply chain staffing personnel to the construction industry allowing your company to meet supplier diversity initiatives and Tier-1 and Tier-2 spend goals.

Why Engage Construction Supply Chain Staffing Augmentation

The percentage of construction companies, engineering firms and owners opting to use augmented supply chain staffing labor for capital projects continues to increase. This increase in temporary construction supply chain staffing is due to the simple fact that it saves time and money, and allows these companies to focus on their core business.

Contractors and owners have begun to appreciate the value of partnering with staffing agencies because their need for accounting, payroll, employee benefits and human resources departments is diminished. Equally important are the valuable and more focused skill sets that temporary employees bring to a project. An example would be the company that may only take on one major project every 20 years; it would be much more cost effective if that company hired a supply chain subject matter expert that had experience with similar projects somewhere else thereby bringing this expertise to the company’s project.

ONTRAXSYS specializes in providing supply chain staffing for construction management.

Cost Reduction and Budget Savings: Hiring skilled labor workers lowers your administrative and human resources costs. An agency can manage the entire employment process, relieving you of all the costs associated with recruiting, payroll and insurance as well as ancillary services such as pre-employment drug screenings and background checks.

Hiring Knowledge and Expertise: Tight schedules and customer expectations necessitate that the entire project team “hits the ground running”. Temporary construction supply chain staffing agencies such as ONTRAXSYS can shorten the ramp up time for the project team and help ensure that the project gets off on the right foot. The ONTRAXSYS team has more than 20 years of supply chain experience working with some of the largest purchasing organizations in the country and we use this experience to identify highly skilled supply chain and material management personnel to meet your specific project needs. We are definitely not your typical “me too” temporary staffing firm that boast about how we can find the perfect person with our “proprietary data base”. Since our entire focus is on the construction supply chain, we have direct access to some of the most talented and experienced buyers, contract specialists, category managers, material handlers and expeditors from the military and construction industry because this is all we do. Bottom line is that our comprehensive hiring process ensures that our supply chain personnel are simply the best in the business.