• Construction Material Supplies.

    Supplying construction materials to government and commercial projects.

  • Crushed and Fine Construction Aggregates.

    Sourcing domestically engineered construction aggregates sourced from Quartz, Silica, Cristobalite and Tridymite.

  • Modified Asphalts and Mixes.

    Supplying asphalt mixes, hot-mix asphalt concrete and modified asphalt concrete.



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ONTRAXSYS Material Manufacturers and Product Lines.

Combining material distribution technology with the world’s leading infrastructure equipment manufacturers to supply government and commercial construction projects with construction material solutions.

Ontraxsys Construction Material Supplies.

ONTRAXSYS supplies and distributes construction material supplies such as construction aggregates, asphalts and various types of concrete mixes for government and commercial construction projects. Construction materials available for distribution include the following:

  • Asphalt Mixes
  • Asphalt-Rubber Binder
  • Cement-Treated Base
  • Cold-Mix Asphalt Concrete
  • Construction Aggregates
  • DuraPatch
  • Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete
  • Limestone
  • Modified Asphalt Concrete
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete
  • Recycled Base Rock
  • Sand

We believe there is a vast difference between a construction material supplier and a true partner. Our team of distribution and logistics experts go above and beyond to provide advanced solutions to material constraints, vigorously engaging issues relating to scheduling, availability and quality, and we will ensure the most efficient transport of materials.

The ONTRAXSYS leadership team has years of experience in the power industry operating transmission and distribution infrastructure at the highest levels.

Our greatest assets are our customers and our core interest is fulfilling their needs